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why do I bother?

Average number of weeks ago that my friends have posted to their LJ: 66.36

ETA: I guess it is fair to say that at 1001 posts I now feel like I'm talking entirely to myself. In a very ADHD way, the world has moved on to bewilderingly stupid ways of expressing themselves and collaborating (in entirely unexpressive and uncollaborative ways). I guess I'm done here.

sick of sick

when will this fucking end?

Zombies day 3

Maybe it'll be over soon. I'd like my sight back. Damnit

Zombie infestation day 2

Natural lighting this time around.

The zombies are coming

When will this fucking bug end???



Simplify, simplify, simplify!
—Henry David


Eyes, Fingers, Toes... all here!

Here was our set:

Unicorn - long, good value, pretty
Rev it up - amazing, lots of variety
City crasher-ok,unicorn was prettier
Hot,Hot,Hot-screams,fish,high bursts,trails,crowd liked
Coconut tree-Ok,misfired
Pyro Alert-fantastic (B G R and silver crackles. Nice low effect
Blue on blue-not that good
One fish two fish red fish blue fish-pretty but low sparks landed on the lawn
Death smurf - pretty good fountain
Cross fire-as always awesome,crowd pleaser
Firedrake-lots of colors,both low and high,pretty,crowd pleaser,really nice
Zip High-crowd pleaser,pretty colors,nice boom
Midnight sun-fan effect (five in a row to cover sky) all gold or silver
Space warp-very pretty and boomy,crowd pleaser
Thunder and diamonds-oh so very boom. Crowd laughed.
Midair mayhem-awesome! Lots of applause. Good finale cake.

3 packages of sparklers was plenty.

Homogenous Strawberries

Easy to drink food or opening show for my band, Freak Blender Accident?

nom nom... you should be jealous

pinto beans with rice
"salad" of garlic blossoms and green onion, sauteed in olive oil with salt, pepper, and fresh red pepper.
potato bread from columbia city bakery
cold brewed iced vivace coffee

Beans, garlic, onion, spices, coffee, bread were all bought locally and nearly everything was organic. Easy meal in just 10 minutes too.

This is what happens when I have an evening to myself with headphones on.

Hungry? :P